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You can only enter a fun tournament is you are not participating in any other scheduled tournament. If you have been eliminated from your prize tournament prior to the start of this fun tournament you may be able to participate - please check with the admin.

Note that songs will be chosen by the epic team, and will only be revealed during the tournament. So if you want to impress us doing your triple A rated Take On Me, you can't practice to exhaustion before the event! Unless, of course, Take On Me is one of the ones we choose.

  • You must have registered on the tournament site by 10am on Friday
  • As noted, songs will be revealed by the epic.TEAM just after 11m on Friday - they will be displayed here, and listed in the #epic26-funtournaments channel.
  • You will be able to perform and record a score for the qualifying songs from 11am to 11pm on Friday.
  • You can have multiple attempts - although the Lakeside team or FT admins (reech, ChickendrumSTIK and FreddieW) will move people on to make sure everyone gets a chance to qualify! Please respect other players and the staff when it comes to making sure everyone gets a fair swing of the saber! - Select PARTY MODE when playing, and log the song to the epic26 scoreboard
  • The highest score you achieve for your qualifying songs will be added up by the Fun Tournament team after 11pm Friday, and placements for the final will be confirmed by by midday Saturday (sooner if possible!) and posted in the #epic26-funtournaments channel
  • The highest scorers will need to be available from 3pm-5pm on Saturday in the Arena to do their streamed perfomance in the final, when two more songs will be performed - the highest score is the winner!
  • Please treat the VR equipment carefully!
  • Admins decisions are final - any queries, please contact FreddieW and ChickenDrumstik - they will be near the game areas OR at the Arena Helpdesk